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I'm Cheering You On

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Just a few days ago, I was stirred and I had to write these words. Maybe they’re just for me. Maybe it’s just me that needs to see them, read them and digest them. But something tells me I’m not the only one.

For every time you step out and follow what’s in your heart, paying no mind to what people may think, I’m cheering you on.

For every time you choose to chase your dream, even when those closest to you don’t understand, I’m cheering you on.

For every time the thought crosses your mind, “who do I think I am to do this”, but your courage wins out, I’m cheering you on.

For all the times you stay awake at night, wondering if there really is a light at the end of the tunnel, but you keep searching for it anyway, I’m cheering you on.

For all the tears you shed, out of frustration and heartache, but you wipe them off and hold your chin high, I’m cheering you on.

For every time you think something must be wrong with you, and you think you must be disposable, but you dig deep to find your worth and value, I’m cheering you on.

For every time you feel like no one’s in your corner, but you ignore that lie, and you lean on those called to lift your hands, I’m cheering you on.

Life. It doesn’t always go as planned. And adversity can slap us in the face and knock us down when we least expect it. Sometimes we can forget to recognize and celebrate how very resilient we really are, and tap into the bravery that runs deep in our veins. My hope is that you keep these words somewhere close. Because maybe you don’t have someone coaching you every time you hit a wall or in moments your heart yearns for so much, but you just haven’t seen your breakthrough yet.

Keep plowing. Know that your story will make a difference for someone. Know that you’re worth it. This world needs what you have to offer. Keep moving forward. Bring your best, bring your all. Know that every time you choose bravery instead of cowering down to fear, you get stronger. Every time someone tries to talk you out of your dreams, and wants to keep you down, but you rise anyway, you prove to yourself that you have what it takes.

We have a friend that sticks closer to us than a brother. A confidant that never leaves our side and never forsakes us, even in the hard times. Always for us, never against us. And if we’ll pause long enough, still our hearts, listen closely, and lean in, we will hear our Father saying, “I’m cheering you on.”

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