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Keep Moving Forward

Knowing how much I enjoy running, it never surprises me that the Lord often speaks to me in running parallels, because He knows I’ll understand it. I love that about my Father. He is so good to meet us where we are and speak to us in ways that we will understand. I love that He gets me.

If you read my first blog, you know that this past year has been one of a lot of change and transition. One of really learning to exercise my faith muscles and trust in the Lord for everything. I know we’re supposed to do that anyway, but I do think there are seasons that bring more of a pressing than others and really give us opportunity to grow in the Lord. This has been that season for me; a season of pure obedience to His direction to step out into what He had put in my heart. There are specific prayer times that have marked this past year for me. Times when the Lord really spoke to me specific direction and encouragement. I wanted to share one of those times with you, because I believe it will minister to your heart like it did mine. Yes, it is a running parallel, but non-runners, keep reading, you’ll get it too.

Before I share the essence of what the Lord spoke to me, please allow me to take you on a little race day journey. If you’ve run in races before, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. For those of you that have never indulged in such an activity, (I think everyone should try it at least once) humor me.

Whether you’re racing in a short 1-miler or going the distance with a full marathon, every runner knows one of the keys to a successful run is staying hydrated. And that doesn’t just mean drinking a lot of water before the race (hello undesirable porta potties), it means drinking water and/or some type of sports drink throughout the race. Enter the glorious water stations. These hydration stations are set up at mile 2 and every 2 miles afterward. Experts recommend that you drink up whenever you come to a water station because staying hydrated is key to running strong and finishing your race. On my longest distance races (half-marathons at 13.1 miles) I always appreciate seeing those water stations set up along the course. After so many miles, you’re tired, you may be aching, you’ve sweat so much that it’s dried to salt on your skin. All you can think about is making it to that little tent you see up ahead where kind volunteers are hand-delivering what seems like gold at the time. You know that if you can make it to that station for some water or a sports drink, you’ll be good to go for another couple of miles, until the next station. So there they are, those precious volunteers just standing there, with those little cups in their hands, just waiting for you to come and take that cup. All you have to do is keep moving towards them, take the refreshing drink from their hands, drink, throw the cup on the ground and keep running.

Now, knowing how important these water stations are and how they work, I hope you see the beauty in, and can relate to what the Lord showed me during my time with Him one day. Again, this was in a season of change and transition and obeying His direction to step out and move forward with what He had put in my heart.

You may be like me and find yourself in a season of transition. Maybe it’s a season of stepping out into something new that the Lord is asking you to do. Let me encourage you with what the Lord spoke to me. Step out, move forward, and He will make sure everything gets put right in your pathway. Like in a race when you come to a water station, they are standing there waiting for you and they have what you need in their hands. All you have to do is stay in motion, keep moving forward, and take what they have for you. It contains the nourishment and refreshing you need for the next leg of the race. So, stay in motion, keep running forward and your Father will be right in your path, holding what you need in His hands. There you will find provision, nourishment, refreshing, everything you need for the next leg of your “race”. (insert the direction He has given you here) But we can’t stop short of the water station. Those volunteers don’t run toward us to bring us the water. We have to keep moving forward, as tired as we may be. I have found that with obedience there is provision. So friend, be encouraged today. As you step out in obedience to do whatever it is He is calling you to do, He is setting up “water stations” all along your course so that you have what you need at the time you need it! Don’t grow weary, keep moving forward and finish that race!

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